Company Overview

Company Overview

Message from the President

Our company was established in 1960 as an import division of Teramoto Confectionery Materials Co., Ltd. (founded in 1919). Initially, we mainly imported dried fruits, which are the raw ingredients for confectioneries, but the number of products we handle has continued to increase over the past 60 years. We now handle a wide range of products, from juices, raw materials such as dried fruits and juices to flower materials*.

Since our founding, our imported products have been transformed into popular products by manufacturers and delivered to consumers. We take great pride in being involved in such a role that supports a delightful meal.

The products we deal with have many adjustments such as delivery periods, quantity, prices and quality. Among them, we keep in mind how to meet the needs of our customers and the conditions required by overseas suppliers to the maximum extent, an important motto that we will never forget. Among the many companies in this business, the fact that we have been selected for a long time is proof that we have earned the trust of our business partners.

All of our employees will continue to work hard every day so that you may be glad to have made a deal with us.

President, Shinichi Teramoto

* Eiko Trading Co., Ltd., has been handling flower materials since October 2, 2023.

Company Overview

Corporate Name Eiko Boeki Kaisha, LTD.
Address Teramoto Bldg. 2-9-14 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 Japan
TEL: +81 3 3256 4561
FAX: +81 3 3256 4568
Business Importing and selling dried fruits, concentrated fruit juices, raw ingredients for confectionaries, dry and artificial flowers
Founding November 1960
Capital 14.4 million yen
Executive Officers President: Shinichi Teramoto
Vice President: Tomoko Teramoto
Managing Director: Masahiro Kabayama
Director: Tomoo Kanzaki
Auditor: Tomohiro Horiko  
Banks Mizuho Bank, Kanda Branch
MUFG Bank, Kanda Ekimae Branch
Suppliers China, South Africa, USA, Italy, the Netherlands, etc.
Clients National food wholesalers, Food companies, Flower material wholesalers, etc.
Annual Sales 3,334 million yen (for September, 2020)